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My Birthday One Shot Campaign

So I have written a campaign based on the critical role campaign two, for my birthday, a one shot, I will also be DM'ing the sessions. Am I worried yes, am I scared obviously. Does my brain hate me for all the maths I had to do hell yes. As did I not only create a campaign, I also had to teach the rules, and make a character for a new player, Now I have only been playing D&D for little as a year so I am not the most expeirenced peson, so I'm just praying to the anime god. I thought in this blog post, Ill share the campaign I wrote, Ill mostly work on some more stuff on it as well, but here is the bases of it;

A letter of summon;

Zadash is a large city south of Rexxentrum in the Dwendalian Empire. It is built around a trio of towers known collectively as the Tri-Spires. It was formerly the capital city of the Julous Dominion before being conquered and brought under the rule of the Dwendalian Empire.

The outer walls of Zadash form a sort of triangular shape. The architecture and buildings were designed to rise and almost seem to curve towards the streets when looking up at them.  

Around the southern walls of the city, crop workers wearing heavy shawls and head coverings harvested various vegetables and crops from the fields surrounding the city. Closer to the city, the fields gave way to ramshackle communities of tent cities and hovel towns outside the protective bulwarks of the city walls. The city walls themselves were 15 feet high and formed a somewhat triangular perimeter outline around the city. The walls were made of thick basic stonework and masonry. Near the southern gate, the foot traffic grew heavier and led to a 15-foot-wide portcullis that was being held aloft by large chains. Two pairs of Crowns guards flanked each side of the entry gate, keeping a silent watch.

The buildings flanking the street nearest to the gate were quite destitute, though the buildings began to graduate into a standard village feel further along the street.

Beyond the outer walls, the city looked to have a number of perimeter walls that had arches between them. The gaps formed by these arches, which were around 15-20 feet in length, but 40-foot-wide, had small tunnel built through them. The tops of these large separation barriers like tunnels were what looks to be carts that move on their own along these wall tops.

On the outskirts of the city proper, there were folk on the streets that sat on the sides peddling handcrafted wears and whatever they could muster to try and make ends meet.

Deekek, and Sir Xamroc Steel, you two both travelled both meeting up, you know each other just a slight bit as you have encountered numerous times on your travel’s. You walked through the streets of Zadash asking around, slowly finding your way to the leaky tap. A simple but very large tavern, there was space enough for at least a dozen tables. While it lacked d├ęcor, it seemed to have charm with a rather ratty looking band in a corner that played mostly on key. The tavern was three stories tall, and it had a raftered ceiling that was twelve feet up. A brief spiral staircase towards the far back of the tavern.

Walking down the spiral stairs, there is a weird elf like creature with sky blue skin, and hair navy blue hair walking near to you, holding a similar letter.

The Bar keep, a slightly plump white male dragonborn cleaning glasses, He had golden-yellow eyes, and white scales. His jaw and lips were covered in scars where they had been split in the past. It seemed as though he had seen some rough action in the past, though he had a joyous smile as you walked in, “Welcome there, anything I can get you?”

You look down at the wax seal, the address and time you should arrive led you here the letters both promising you something close to your heart. Information or clues to something you are trying to find, or the acknowledgment needed to regain something once lost.  Though both of them considered this to be a hoax, or a trap. Yet the letter has intrigued them, to follow through and travel there. The door opens an Elf walks in holding the same letter as you two, the room still and quiet. The barkeep looks at the three of you holding your letters. “Ahh I see you are here for that, well I’ll let you guys get acquainted while I’ll sort something out.”

*Character introductions*

-Come with me – takes you to the basement (Any interaction with the barkeep and the letter)

The white Dragon born takes you towards the back of the establishment, near the kitchen and pantry area, was a set of stairs leading down into one of the tavern's cellars. This cellar contained large wooden barrels, casks of untapped ale, and a few unopened crates.

“Sorry, this is the best place I could think to talk to you, without any prying ears. Rumour has it quite a while back this was used as a meeting place for the Knights of Requital, though that is not important, and not what we have summoned you for. I wish for you to travel, North of here, towards Rexxentrum, there is a place, which lays a place full of challenges. I summoned you three as I have heard you are the best in your respected fields, and as your letters say I am willing to give you what information I have, or give you the connections needed to restore your honour.” He takes out a map and shows you the area of the land “There is a rumour that in a labyrinth, hidden by vines and rubble, that there are three Orbs, the Orb of True seeing, Mind reading and telepathy that we believe it to be here” He point to the map, “Though, I don’t want you to start empty handed, I have some things I can give to you.”

He gets out an ink pen, circling the map, where he presumes the location of the Labyrinth.

  - Equipment *1 greater healing potion per person, 550 gold each, Adventures Pack, Map*

“Have you got any questions?”

-        Do you know what we should expect; Hmm well I know there have been cases of gnolls in the area, but inside the labyrinth, all I can say is to be careful, and make sure to check for traps. You can never be certain of what can happen.

-        Any place where we can get some more supplies or equipment; Hmm there is Sparkhammer Smithing, its operated by Yannick Dumel and Jan, they forge intricate items and have various pieces of armour and weapons on display on the inside. You can find them in the Pentamarket, it’s in the central western part Zadash. There is also the Invulnerable vulgrant, run by Pumant Sol, and mostly known to sell potions, and magical items there. Theres a few guys here too. Maybe hit up Chasity’s Nook, I recommend the literature they have there.

-        What do you want with the orbs; I do want them no, I just wish to destroy them, bad things can come if they are in the wrong hands.

-        Do you know anywhere where we can recruit help; Well there’s a reason why we are down here, we are trying  to keep this to as few people possible, you can just keep what we are doing a secret.

-        How long does it take to travel to the location; Four, maybe five days on foot. Though that does depend on the speed you are travelling.

·        If go to Sparkhammer Smithing –

Smithy forged intricate items and had rows and racks of various pieces of armour and weapons on display on the inside.

·        If go to Chasity's Nook - The exterior was designed to resemble a thatched-roof cottage and had a beautiful cursive sign hanging over its arched main door. In contrast, it had a lush, cosy interior that was divided into a front and a back room.

The front room had one long chamber with shelves and a central table, that progressed from tawdry goods and knickknacks, towards shelves and stacks of books that had painted covers. Interspaced between these, leading towards the back room, were large scrolls of beautifully painted nudes.

This book store didn't have a used book section due to there not being much business for such books here in the Tri-Spires. Most of the area’s residence purchase and display books on their shelves a symbol of status. The more books one had displayed on their shelves, the more well-read they appeared to their guests.

Iva Deschin is a human fledgling author, and the proprietor of the Chastity's Nook. Deschin is in her 40s. She had wild and curly mousey brown hair that went past her shoulders. She wore a heavy sweater and big glasses.


-        Rugs

-        Embroidered tapestries

-        Candles, both scented and not

-        Oils

-        Incense

Smut; *ask about literature to the store clerk*

-        Tusk Love - A tale of the saucy union between a half-orc named Oskar and the daughter of a travelling merchant as they meet on the Amber Road up near Druvenlode. They want to be together, but they can't, because what would the parents think?

-        Scent of the Sea

-        The Rosed Embrace

-        Guard of My Heart

-        Zemnian Nights

-        Enchanting Tryst

-        Shallow Breaths

·        If go to Invulnerable vulgrant - The Invulnerable Vagrant, is a large building of stained wood with green-gold velvet hanging on the outside was magically warded to be untouched by the elements.

There were slits of glass in each of the doors that revealed a warm lit interior glowing from the inside out. Above these doors, carved delicately into a wood placard, was the name of the establishment. As you walk in you see the interior of the building was quite warm and was well-lit by lanterns that floated in the air. These slowly gyrating lanterns contained candles within them which flickered together as though a wind was blowing over their flames.

The inside of the chamber had a long table with a few small books laid out, and on a velvet raised platform looked to have been a long rapier, jewelled and gorgeous. On the back wall there was a shelf filled with many books. In front of this shelf was a desk. There were glass cases at the far end of the room.

At the desk you see Pumat is a seven-foot-tall firbolg with short, brown, bushy, curly hair. His body is covered in very fine greyish-brown fur. His nose resembles that of a cow or a bull.

Matching the green-gold velvet that hung from his shop, Pumat Sol was dressed in long elegant robes of deep green and gold, then you see another, and another. Multiple Pumant Sols, all looking the same. “Hello there, welcome to our fine establishment, how may I help you.”

*Known Stock:

Magic Items:

-        A Fantastic Haversack: 1,350gp.

-        Periapt of Wound Closure. A pendant with a darkened ivory spirals a roughly sculpted heart: 150gp.

-        Cloak of Protection. A beautiful cloak of a purplish-blue colour. It had fine gold-silver embroidered edged that seems to naturally come out of the cloak like growing silver vines: 800gp.

-        Pearl of Power. A darkened, orangish, amber-coloured orb/ marble that was around an inch in diameter: 350gp.

-        +1 Shield. A beautifully crafted diamond shaped shield had a gold border, and two gold lion heads facing away from each other on a metallic graphite field: 550gp.

-        An enchanted dagger that functioned much like an boomerang, where it returns to the thrower on a miss.


-        Greater healing potion: 200gp/ vial

-        Basic/ General Healing potion: 50gp/ vial

-        Holy Water: 25gp/ vial

Miscellaneous Magic Items:

-        Ink used in the ritualistic design and presentation of arcane symbols, scribes and glyphs

-        Ink enchanted for various uses in manifestation.

-        Stacks of parchment and paper

Spell Scrolls:

Although the price could vary based on the particular spell, in general, spell scrolls containing Cantrips and 1st-level spells were commonly found at this shop and were priced in the range of 50-100gp, while 2nd or 3rd-level spell scrolls were in the range of 250-500gp.

-        Shocking Grasp: 75gp.

-        Shield: 200gp.

-        Hold Person. 150gp

*Head out of Zadash towards the labyrinth*

You each see the same sights as you did before exiting the city walls and walking the path towards Rexxentrum. The winter air slightly whisking past, the sun shines softly through the clear sky. *if don’t go to shops before noon – past noon*
4 Days random encounters (D20 – 12) (Forest // Plain environment)

The Labyrinth:

You walk in the forest, it is oddly quiet. The only thing you can hear in the distance is the winter wind. Brushing past the grass, yet there is no sound of creatures or monsters. As you walk closer in a thin layer of fog, dances around your feet, slowly rising to just below your ankles. Whispers, and distance sounds of crying can be heard. The sounds whisking around the area, as one foot, after another lead you to a clearing. A soft voice calls out, “Turn away, go home” as an opening was out in the open, no guards, just a broken door, open into the rubble stone work. Covered in moss the area looks like over time, it has slowly undeveloped nature encasing the old rubble, a mound with grass, with a small door.

Another voice louder “Leave here, please” this time sounds like a distraught man’s voice. Then one last one “You die in here, you’ll never rest.” After that voice sounded, the area went deadly silent.

When you enter the Labyrinth, is not light so you vaguely make out thin strips of hall way, *where the blue circle is on the map is where the entrance is* To your left you see the corridor bend sharply, as to you right the corridor goes on longer then bend, but before that there is a slight glimpse of a door

Madness: When you enter the labyrinth, you need to make a wisdom saving throw above a dc of 10, as well as every night after a long rest you will need to make a Wisdom saving throw, if you fail you gain a madness lv.

Room #1:

-        Door (west, 2 from north): wooden, simple, free

-        Door (east, 1 from north): iron, free

-        Door (north, 2 from west): wooden, good, free

-        Empty room

Room #2:

-        Door (east, 2 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (west, 2 from north): wooden, good, free

-        On a shelf there are three potions (Three potions of lesser healing)

-        Door (north, 1 from west): wooden, strong, free

-        Trap (Outside door towards east); spiked pit trap (60 ft. deep) (CR4) (Find, DC 15) (dex save above 10 – fail 2d6 + 1d8 damage)

Room #3:

-        Door (west, 2 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (east, 1 from north): wooden, strong, free

-        Door (south, 1 from west): wooden, simple, stuck

-        Young white dragon

Room #4:

-        Door (east, 4 from north): wooden, simple, stuck

-        Door (east, 2 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (west, 2 from north): iron, stuck

-        Door (south, 2 from west): wooden, good, locked

-        Door (north, 1 from west): wooden, strong, stuck

-        In room a puzzle on the floor you have to turn the tiles with runes around to match up and turn energy on to have the correct flow into the main podium to remove the arcane lightning – do it wrong take 2d8 lightning damage *If disarmed magic higher than a 15 succeeds*

Room #5:

-        Door (east, 3 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (west, 3 from north): wooden, simple, free

-        Door (east, 1 from north): stone, stuck

-        Door (north, 3 from west): stone, locked

-        Door (south, 1 from west): wooden, good, locked

-        A plain simple chest (Investigation, above a 10); 1,500 gold coins (1500 gp), a torn layout map of the Labyrinth, it only shows one corner.   

Room #6:

-        Door (west, 3 from north): wooden, simple, locked

-        Door (east, 2 from north): wooden, good, locked, side-sliding

-        Door (south, 2 from west): wooden, good, stuck

-        Monsters: Gnolls x6; You find human teeth, a ring, two small pearls.

Room #7:

-        Door (east, 1 from north): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (west, 1 from north): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (south, 2 from west): (concealed) false wall, free

-        A singular large Mirror, and a rug.

-        *if walked on or touched will engage* Monster; Rug of smothering.

Room #8:

-        Door (east, 3 from north): wooden, simple, stuck

-        Door (west, 2 from north): wooden, simple, stuck, down-sliding

-        Door (south, 4 from west): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (north, 4 from west): iron, locked, up-sliding

-        Monsters; Manticore x3

-        Treasure: Key, and a torn part of a map layout of the Labrynth.

Room #9:

-        Door (east, 4 from north): wooden, simple, stuck

-        Door (west, 4 from north): wooden, strong, free

-        Door (west, 2 from north): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (south, 3 from west): wooden, good, free

-        Door (south, 1 from west): wooden, good, locked, trapped [trap: pit trap (80 ft. deep) (Find DC 15)] (Dex save above 10 – fail 3d6)

Room #10:

-        Door (east, 1 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Locked chest: Journal, *if they read the journal, they will find drawings of this person’s hallucinations and a torn piece from the labyrinth’s layout*

Room #11:

-        Door (west, 4 from north): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (south, 5 from west): wooden, good, stuck

-        Door (north, 4 from west): wooden, good, stuck

-        Features: Old runes /markings (Dc15 arcana check, it is a hint to solve a puzzle in the labyrinth)

Room #12:

-        Door (east, 2 from north): (concealed) false wall, free

-        There is a plain chair, next to it a table is the orb of truth seeing, floating in the air is a ghost of a little girl “I have a riddle for you solve it, you can have this, fail you must die”

Riddle; I begin eternity. And end space. At the end of time. And in every place. Last in life. Second to death. Never alone. Found in your breath. Contained by earth. Water or flame. My grandeur so awesome. Wind dare not tame. Not in your mind. Am in your dreams. Vacant to Kings. Present to Queens.

Answer: The letter “E”

*if fail riddle*

Room #13:

-        Door (north, 3 from west): stone, locked, trapped [trap: spiked pit trap (80 ft. deep) (CR5) (Find/Disable DC 15)]

-        A chest (mimic)

Room #14:

-        Door (north, 2 from west): wooden, strong, locked

-        Empty

Room #15:

-        Door (east, 4 from north): wooden, good, locked

-        Door (west, 2 from north): (concealed) illusory wall

-        Empty //Hidden Treasure (Search DC 15)

-        210 platinum coins (2100 gp)

-        gemstone - carnelian (60 gp)

-        gemstone - rock crystal (40 gp)

-        gemstone - black pearl (300 gp)

-        gemstone - blue star sapphire (1000 gp)

-        potion: cat's grace (300 gp)

Room #16:

-        Door (south, 3 from west): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (north, 2 from west): (secret) passwall, magic word trigger

-        Empty

Room #17:

-        Door (west, 4 from north): wooden, strong, stuck

-        Door (east, 3 from north): (concealed) illusory wall

-        Monsters;

Room #18: 
-        Door (south, 2 from west): stone, locked, up-sliding, 
-        Door (north, 2 from west): wooden, good, stuck

-        Monsters: Owlbear x5

Room #19:

-        Door (south, 1 from west): stone, stuck

-        Empty

Room #20:

-        Door (north, 1 from west): wooden, good, locked,

-        Monsters; Hellhound x4

-        Treasure; 1,600 gold coins (1600 gp), brass mug with jade inlays (600 gp)

-        Hidden Treasure (Search DC 15) 440 platinum coins (2300 gp) ,

Room #21:

-        Door (west, 2 from north): stone, locked, trapped [trap: spell (Dispel Good) (Find/Disable DC 15)]

-        Empty

Room #22:

-        Door (north, 2 from west): wooden, simple, stuck, down-sliding

-        The orb on a pedestal; trapped [trap: flooding room trap (CR5) (Find/Disable DC 20 to find DC15 to disable)]

Exiting the labyrinth:

*IF DON’T FIND MAP; 1/4 on survival lost in the labyrinth for days your food, runs, out your dehydrated and tired. You have severe injuries. From ambushes or walking into traps. Till one day you find the exit the sun hitting your skin. Exaughsted and hurt, but now you can complete your job*

*5/10 on survival, you do get lost, but you were careful not to walk into any other monster, or traps. It takes a whole day, but you do find your way out*

*11/17 on survival, you kind of remember the way and make sure you don’t walk into any traps or monsters, but half a day passes, and you see the great outdoors*

*18/20 pretty confident, you make your way out very easily and no harm was done to you, and out in a few hours*

*NAT 20, You are so confident, you dare your fellow party members you can find the way out blindfolded, and you succeeded. In mere number of minutes as well. You feel proud, but everyone else thinks you are a massive show off*

The warm light hits your skin, the area still silent, but there is no fog at the bottom of your feet, all you feel is relief to be out there. You walk out of the forest, to the camp you set up, there you see (dc 10 x3 below 10 dead, above 10 alive)

You make your way back to Zadash and the leaky tap, the barkeep smiling “Well it seems you’ve made your way out. Now come with me” The white dragonborn takes you downstairs to the cellar. There he has three scrolls, one for Xamroc, Deekek, and Echo. Niall (Mysteria) he passes to you an odd gold statue resembling of a god that you never have heard of.

“Now the orbs if you please”

-        Give the orbs; get rewards

-        Don’t give orbs; don’t get rewards “I see how it is, *destroys the rewards*, get out of my tavern, now. You choose to keep the orbs but promise me this never let the empire lay their hands on them.”

*Hannah do you sleep with your new gold statue on your person or near you – yes, you are cursed; you cannot speak.


  1. Wow! There are some really evil things in this One shot! It's made me want to write my own up! I much prefer playing One Shot campaigns or full campaigns made up by my DM rather than D&D standard ones!

    I've written a new series about my D&D experiences too because I love it so much! It's great to find another blogger that loves it too!

    Writing into the Ether

  2. First of all, I think this was amazingly detailed so kudos to you. Happy Belated Birthday!


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